Sofia and the witch.

The blue, cloudy sky was a rainstorm waiting to happen. Suddenly, heavy rain pittered on the ground, and puddles flood the ground.A lovely deer was drinking the rain like it had never had water before. Suddenly, l notice a haunted house. l see an old lady staring at me. The deer ran away with fright; I was scared too.

l decided to enter to find out who she is. It is dark inside and l feel the presence of ghosts.  I more further into the house and find the bedroom. I open the door and see the room is in a mess. In the corner, l see a figure huddled on the floor!  My heart is beating fast; thumping in my chest! I see she has a long, crooked nose. She has long, grey, nitty hair. I see she has a wand! There is a crack of noise and l feel something hit me! I see the room is getting bigger; or am l getting smaller? 

I turn to leave the house and I realise I’m not walking, I’m hopping! I get outside and look into a puddle. To my horror, I see a frog looking back at me.