The Secret Mission Of The Rats

One gloomy night,in the secret base of the rats,was a mystery that had to be solved.It was a full moon,the perfect time for solving a mystery.The boss rat never really done anything, except telling the mysteries .Questioning himself,the boss rat called the rat team,”Rat’s hat!Come here,I’ve got a mystery,you won’t believe this.” 

“A mystery? What is it?” They asked.”Well I’m not sure,it’s written in a rhyme,I’m guessing you want me to read it to you.So, it goes like this: In the oak forest this may await,but it’s must be midnight,though it’s late,this so called rat with a  fuzzy tail,has a big secret that is here to hate, but he may run far away,so be prepared,little mates.”The boss rat finished.”It’s Bobcat rat! he has a fuzzy tail,lives in the oak forest,and  acts very weirdly for a rat, if you ask me!”One rat said.”Then what are you waiting for? Go already!” exclaimed the boss rat.

Sneaking quietly, the rats began their mission.It was darker than the midnight sky, and the street was filled with grown ups carrying luggages around, those poor little rats couldn’t get through.The wind leapt towards them, over and over again.

Finally, they arrived, to the oak forest, they scurried inside shivering in fear.


Unfortunately, Bobcat spotted them, he was giving them a really weird goat stare.Bobcat shrieked.He was slowly getting further from the rats.”I don’t like unexpected visitors, ehhh!”shouted Bobcat, as he hurried out of the misty forest.

Rapidly the rats started following after.Bobcat didn’t know where he was going, but he knew he had to be quick.”The bank is my quickest option.”he thought.However on the way there, pouring rain started.The rats,  noticed that bobcat’s fur was turning ginger, and his tail was fluffier that ever!When bobcat arrived at the bank, he quickly entered, just one minute before closing time.The Rat’s hat weren’t far behind, but they had to break in the bank and make their way through security.Many came through their way: lasers all over the place, lots passwords, but nothing stopped them.Finally,they found Bobcat, who fainted, and investigated him and his ginger fur.After hours, they finished investigating and wrote everything down.They made sure bobcat was fine from the faint, and took their notes to the base.After all that investigation Bobcat was actually a  squirrel,a mad one.When the mission was finally complete, the rats had a dance party to celebrate 


The end!