An old man loses his keys in the toilet.

One day, there was a very old man and a young child (he was a bit cheeky).He was approximately 14 and the old man was approximately 74 years old. The young boy was lost. They were both in a forest with some dangerous animals


The old man was in a toilet and he didn’t want to pay for the barrier so he crawled under it and he didn’t pay for it so he did the same thing when he left and he was looking for his keys. He kept on searching everywhere and he realised something. He left his important keys in the toilet so he returned nothing and nothing he started to get worried but little did he know there was a security guard and he saw the whole thing so he stole the wet, soggy keys and the old man went under the barrier then he went back under and then he decided to pay and he searched and nothing so he asked the security guard and the old man said “ Have you-“,As the security guard interrupted him he said “looking for these”,as the old man danced in front of the guard.

The resolved this issue by returning the keys and the old man payed so they were happy with each other and they didn’t argue Again.The security guard told him you have an issue here’s a tissue.The old man went home with a bit of stinky,soggy hands from the keys and the security guard was still controlling the area like nothing has ever happened.

By Xavier

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