Site 19

In a secret facility called site-19 there are monsters called scp’s and each one with a number, Each one in a group, safe for easy to contain, keter for difficult to contain, and Euclid is for when the scp’s behaviour can not be predicted. There are many jobs in the site but there are 3 main ones. The MTF, the most fearless fighters who contain the scp’s, the scientists, who study the scp’s, and the O-5 council, the most high ranked people in the foundation. They control everything, from the entrances to the exit. If one of them died it is as the entire world will explode.

On a normal day the scientists were just doing their job studying on SCP-682. The scp is Keter  and looks like a vaguely reptile-like creature of unknown origin. A scientist called Dr clef notices that it threatens to escape. It does it all the time so he just ignores it. Dr jack, feeling unsure decides to bring in a therapist. “What’s the matter?” The therapist asks. “You humans have contained me for years.” “What is it you want?” He replied. “I WANT TO ESCAPE YOU FOOL, DONT YOU SEE? NOTHING WILL KILL ME! YOU TRIED AND FAILED EACH TIME!” SCP-682 screamed so loud it knocked him to the over side of the room. SCP-682 then started breaking the wall and headed for the city.

Immediately 150, MTF units tried to contain him back, nothing could push him, guns, helicopters, or even missiles! A immediate lockdown happened in the city, all devices showed the following message “this is not a drill, this is not a drill. A Monster is coming toward your city. All citizens head for any shelter immediately” All scientists started trying to find out what could kill the scp. Dr clef then found out that the only thing that could destroy this SCP was Nutella. When O5-1: The Founder found out, he was immediately hit by a wave of anger. “ARE YOU JOKING? THE ENTIRE TIME IT WAS NOT TANKS, JETS, THE MTF, BUT NUTELLA!”. The entire MTF units laid down their weapons, and started throwing Nutella at the monster. Instead of rockets in the tanks, it was Nutella, instead of ammo in the guns, it was Nutella, Instead of weapons being SCP-682’s weakens, it  was instead Nutella. The SCP was fighting for its life at this point, it was 1 vs 150 with its weakness. Even though Nutella being its weakness, it still continued its fight, it took 5 helicopters, 4 tanks, 25 MTF units in only 60 seconds. It looked like SCP was about to die, but does SCP-682 go down without a fight? Of course not! Its the son of SCP 001, the most powerful SCP! What would his dad think of him? He would bring shame to its families name! He kept on taking down everything he saw, tanks, fighter jets, MTF commanders, everything! But Insted of having a peaceful death, he died in the battlefield.

The girl who loves the sea

On mysterious day, there was a girl how loved the sea . She had always wanted to be a mermaid . As soon as she went to the beach she saw a seashell neckless just siting there on the sand after she put it on it transformed into a mermaid . After a while of being on the sand she final transformed back. Then suddenly she sees a boy that she starts to like.


by scarlet

The love couple!

One sun set evening, a girl named Bella walked on the beach hoping to find her true love. She had long beautiful hair that is blonde, brown eyes, she is also popular at her school named Pandora. She is also rich and buys everything she needs her dad loves her so much he buys a car every week for her. Bella has a dog named Channel and they all live in a mansion. She is a beauty artist with millions of followers. Her mum died a few years ago so she lives with her dad and her step mum  Dior. She takes her dog for a walk and buys a    a pink drink. One day, Bella goes to the most expensive shop ever and buys a Gucci bag for 3 million dollars. OMG. She lives in California road named golden. She also has the biggest pool. 

One morning, she goes down stairs to eat breakfast waffles ,  pancakes with strawberries she also has a yummy salad too. Then gets changed and walks her dog as she walks her dog she sees a guy who has brown and blue eyes and thought he was cute as he came up the road she bumped into him by accident and says sorry and he smiled and left. As Bella picked her morning coffee she saw the guy again and she goes to sit down but then he sat next to her and asked for her number and left again when it was the afternoon he rang her and say to meet up at the restaurant so she got ready and left as they walked into the restaurant together he made a big surprise for her and say can I be your boyfriend obviously she spoke yes and they had dinner together. He asked “Can I walk you home?” She said Yes. So the guy walked her home and left they hoped they saw each other at school or maybe not.

The next day she was up and ready she went to school and hoped she saw the guy surprisingly he went to the same school as her which is a private school. As they saw each other she hugged him so tightly she nows know his name called Jack and he hugged her back. They would do everything together even go to the same classes. 5 years went bye and they were so in love so much. But one day when Bella went to school as she ran up to Jack but before that he was hugging another girl her best friend who is named special she was devised and ran home she told her dad everything he was going to speak to the head mistress and explain everything she sent Jack to her office and he explain that it was his cousin and came to this school to surprise him. So she said sorry and he apologised for not telling her so he surprised her with a dog. They all lived happily ever after. Wow!

The life of a four year older

After a long day at school, Henry sits on the sofa, grabs his iPad and a bag of crisps and binges from 3:32 to 7:56. However, 8 pm is his bedtime, his mum is already asleep but she left a note about what to do,”My son, turn the kitchen and living room lights off, take your iPad upstairs and put it on charge; and promise me you won’t watch that YouTube all night!” So he follows these steps, he turned the kitchen lights off, he prepares himself for what to come. Even the thought of the dark was giving him goosebumps. As fast as he could, he turns off the living room light, he runs up the stairs, he feels breathing against his neck. Blasting through the door, he sprung into bed and put his iPad on charge and hides under his covers, he has survived another night. He, after a good night’s sleep, wakes up and eats breakfast in his bed for doing everything thing right last night, brushed his teeth and got dressed for school and went to school at 8:23, Henry walks to school and had a great day. He goes home, plays with his friends, but this time, he learnt his lesson and turned all the lights off at 7:00 and was laying in his bed early. So, moral of the of the story, go to bed early before it is too late…

Joey and his dreams

Joey and his dreams By:Cara

                                              In2099, there was a Yeti not any big scary creature it was a unique yeti called Joey -who loved many things- but his passion was for fashion.He was a lonely monster in his big mansion.He had what anyone would ever want but he didn’t have any friends.Joey grew up with his sisters that’s how he wanted to become a famous designer.

One Ordinary morning he was making his favourite waffles that he ate ever morning ,he felt like today was going to be the day for him to achieve his dream.After breakfast, he immediately ran to his studio to make a dress.His studio that was full of cool sketches,Silk materials and a big wall of ideas sometimes he would walk around the London for ideas for his creations.

In the market, there was this stall that immediately caught the corner of his eye so he ran as fast as he could to get a closer look.He saw this stunning floral long dress.Then the stall owner came along.

“Do you like this dress.”asked the lady.

“Yes it is truly gorgeous!Did you make it?”He asked interestingly.

“Yes I did.You can do anything when you put your mind to it.It took a lot of practice.”she explained.

“I’m Bluey. Bluey the bear.”she said

“I’m  Joey.Joey the yeti.”

He wasn’t so sure to ask if she wanted to go help Joey with his design but then she said “Are you entering the fashion contest?”she asked, “Maybe we could work on a design together.”

Later at his mansion,Joey and Bluey were working on a design for the contest.They were thinking about what material to use.They ended up using the silk material.It took a lot of stitches cutting and compromising but they did it.It was a stunning turquoise dress up to the knees then there was see through fabric to the feet.In the sunlight it glistened and flew with the way of the wind.

Later at the competition,many of the competitors stared at their work.They were confused if they were surprised or disgusted by the dress.Once everyone’s dress was judged they announced the winner and the prize the judge of the contest was The legendary Belle La Quince,the famous  fashionista from Millan. “It was a hard decision as all you people here have done so well.But there was one that was a sensational success.I am delighted to announce the winner of this year’s Fashion Show is ….Joey Súfflet and Bluey barelson!You’re prize is meeting the

Mayor of Sapphire city and a invite to the fashion awards hosted by Charity Eclipse.

After sometime, Joey and Bluey have been know for their creations.Maybe you one day could achieve your dream.As if it you want to be an athlete,artist,gymnast,teacher,doctor or a rock star.

Anything is possible if you believe it.

Diary of a fifth grader

Tuesday 7:30 am

School Photo

Back to school. Much rather be at home playing video games.

Tuesday 8:00 am

Just entered school. I forgot how horrible this place is. The bullies are guarding the entrance to school they are as sneaky as snakes! The teacher is expecting us to write a 500 word essay luckily she said we can pick what we want to write.I’m going to write about a girl who becomes a boxer and beats Tyson fury. 

Tuesday 12:00 pm

Sat alone for lunch.Ate some avocado Toast and a chocolate bar. A girl threw toast at me! Other girls are SO annoying! 

Tuesday 3:00 pm 

Just got home from school. It was a tuff day. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Wednesday 8:00 am

Back at “school” more like a prison. 

Wednesday 13:00 

“FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT” the kids were blaring.So I did. I fought the tuffest boy in school.AND WON!!!!!! I can’t believe learning to box actually paid off!

Thursday 7:00 pm

Sorry I haven’t written all day! I’ve been very busy and everyone keeps showing up at my door for a play date. I’ve been showing everyone my console and ps5 the whole afternoon!

Friday 8:00 am

Oo a text! Ima check right now! OMG a text from Tyson fury challenging me to fight! Wow my essay is really coming true now! WAIT TYSON FURY WANTS TO FIGHT ME!!!! That’s cool yet terrifying.You know what, ill think about it!

Friday 3:00 pm

“I agree to fight you Tyson” I text back. He immediately texts me back saying “ok meet me at the boxing arena (summit-ville) 8:00 pm tomorrow” 

Saturday 8:00 am

I can’t wait until 8:00 pm today! I’m so excited for it, I even invited the whole family! All I’m really doing for the rest of the day is training with my dad to be the best I can be!

Saturday 9:00 pm

THE FIGHT WAS EPIC!IT WAS SO CLOSE I CANT BELIEVE I WON!Even though i have huge amount of blood on my hands and knees it was worth it!Tomorrow I will get a check up to make sure I’m ok.

10 years later


“Oh Tyson look I found my old diary! I haven’t seen this in ages!” “Oh wow I never thought you missed your diary that much” Replied Tyson. THE END 



The Polar Bear’s Party 🥳!

On Saturday, some chicken nuggets called Taco, Taki, Nugget got invited to a birthday party! They were at their house getting ready. They bought some matching outfits for the party but Taco’s outfit ripped as he put it on. Taco was really upset because now he couldn’t match with his siblings. 

Luckily, NUGGET exclaimed, “We could make some outfits out of leaves so that we can match!” TACO replied, “That’s a great idea NUGGET.” TAKI questioned, “How are you so good at making ideas?” NUGGET said, “ It’s because I am older. I am 6 and you are 4 days old. Well, we better go and get the leaves before we are late for her party.” TACO and TAKI exclaimed “Yay let’s go!” 

10 minutes later… They got their leaves and went back inside to make their outfits. They had a problem though! They didn’t know how to sew so they had to use glue. It was much easier for them. They also made POLA a present out of leaves. They were now finally ready to go!

After walking past buildings and even more buildings, they were finally there! They were at POLA’S house. They knocked on the door and in they went! POLA was very sad because her cake didn’t come. But LOLA, who was POLA’S little sister, said we could all make a cake together! 

An hour later… They finished the cake! They sang happy birthday to POLA and it cheered her up. For the rest of the time they played games and had fun but the chicken nuggets soon had to leave. So they gave POLA her present and left.

About half an hour later they are back at their house all snuggled up ready for bed and ready to go to sleep after the long day they had.

Hospital of Terror

Hunny buns was driving down the long long road and he sees a abandoned hospital . He sees a creature but he never thought nothing of it so he palled in to the hospital’s parking lot and he got out of his car with his flash light.  He twisted the front of his flash light and the light was brighter. So he can see more of the hospital and he sees lot of broken glass and foot steps in the mud so he thinks that over people have been here to explore the hospital but he never know that is was the creature that he saw in there when he was driving so he walked in to the hospital and he saw more muddy foot steps he checks out the bottom part of the hospital but he finds nothing just a bunch of bed and loads of steps then he goes up stairs.  he finds more steps he looks in more of the rooms and his last room that he was going to look in  and he finds a body.

Hunny buns 15 year old boy nice

Jack skeleton opens his mouth wide  

The body disappears when he turns around then he goes to look everywhere but there was nothing in all of the room .he goes to leave but as soon as he goes down the stairs he sees something really fast run by so he looking in the direction that the creature ran so he look and he sees a skeleton with his mouth out wide and chases hunny buns at a really fast pace so hunny buns jumped up all the stairs but he trips up on one of the steps and he cuts his self from a bit of glass but he gets up and runs even though he cut his self really bad so he runs in to one of the rooms and hides under.  jack skeleton goes in to the room the hunny buns ran in to and hunny buns slowed down his breathing so jack did not know. he stays and still as he can then jack skeleton left but he thought that he was not safe yet so he stays there for 1 hour until he thinks he is safe then he gets out from under the bed. he goes to check if he is safe he goes down to the bottom floor and he feels something behind him so he looks behind and there is nothing and gets captured from jack skeleton and he wakes up in a chair and jack skeleton has a mechanic that can kill people’s within 30 minutes when jack turns the machine on and hunny buns try’s to get out of it and he get out really easy cuz the mettle was really rusty he gets out and runs  faster then he ever have so he runs up stairs and he finders him self stuck on top of the hospital so he knows that he has haybails in his car so he jumps in to his car and lands on the haybails.


Owen the Ostrich

There was an Ostrich named Owen.He loved the comedians on the television because he loved jokes.He was born in 2000 March 2 in Ostrich town.

One day in 2009 he watched his favourite comedians called Jack and Oliver, they were the best at the time they made the best jokes in Ostrich town and had the talent sense 2001 one year after Owen was born.He started to make his own jokes and tried to make everyone laugh but everyone dint laugh his jokes were bad.”The horse goes into the bar,the bar tender said why the long face,”Said Owen but it  wasn’t funny like the ones on TV. His dad told him to believed that he could do it and said the he could be a comedian but he needed some practice first. 

He looked on the internet to see what information he could get but it was 2009 and the only thing he had is a Nokia and an old computer that his dad had used in 2001 one year after Owen was born. After trying and trying he finally figured it out and made good jokes it he wanted to be like his favourite comedians. In 2015 when he was 15 we decided to start making fun videos whit jokes and eventually he got lots of views but in 2019 he got the job as a comedian and he finalist got his dream job at 19 years old.

In 2021 he got invited to perform in London as he was as good as his favourite comedians but he did not know that they are coming too. He parked his things and got ready to go to the airport but he didn’t like expensive tickets so he  decided to go whit Ryanair one of the cheapest air lines but had the worst landings it feels like you are bouncing up and down when it lands.The plane has arrived andOwen got on the plane he got the window seat as he always wanted to see the clouds from closer in the sky.

The servants came around to serve the food and Owen loved crisps, as he ate along the flight He started to see the UK and his excitement started to rise like a rocket going into space.

As the plane landed Owen was excited to go and perform the next day.

He got of the plane and called a taxi and went the hotel he  booked for the night.As he arrived the time was 21:12 and he was exhausted after the long journey. He got into his pyjamas and went to sleep.

The net day arrived and Owen got ready for his first performance with his favourite comedians Jack and Oliver. He got the bus to the location of we’re he was going to perform He got ready and performed all night after all of that he was happy. Never give up in your dreams and they will become true.

Bob’s Football Career

 Bob’s football career

“I finally got recruited my my favourtive team!” said Bob. But how did this all happen? Let’s go back to when it was 1998. It was the world cup final and when Zinedine Zidane just scored before half time to make France go up 2-0 aganist Brazil. Now that it’s been halftime France was leading by 2 goals.

Now in the 60th minute Marcel Desailly had made an a important clearance as France goalkeeper Fabien Barthez was of his line. Moments later Desailly tackled Brazilian rightback Cafu.Now what was he going to do? IT’S A RED CARD!


Now in the 90th minute in extra times a pass by Partick Vieira to Petit he shoots. IT’S A GOALLLLLLL! To crush Brazils hopes of winning the world cup. Bob was witnessing France’s first ever world cup!

At 8 years old Bob was never really that smart especially in geography. Bob was really only smart at football tactics. He always got bullied for being short. Bob cried. As soon as he got back from school he rushed in to his room just to cry for most of his day. He got fed up so he got the school involved. They got suspended. Now Bob could finally get his grades up. Now he is 11 this year is the most important yet. Now it’s his stats. His score was. 96/100 in everything! He had passed. Now he is in secondary school. His first day of year 7 was like no ordinary day. His teachers was kind.Lunch was scrumptious he had an apple,pasta and grapes.Now that he was in year 8 he was a normal boy he studied and studied and you guessed studi… did good at school. Tryouts was today for the school football team. He eased to qualify scoring a hat-trick and assiting two goals.                       

His first few matchess was amazing getting 16g/a in his fist 5 matches.Now a school tournament was coming up. The group stage was tight as it win or lose match and in 84 minute Bob SCORED IN THE TOP CORNER TO SEAL THE DEAL! The finals against Bournemouth. The match started with he kicking of. In the 18th minute Bob got a free kick and the opponents, rightback got a red card. He shot and… crossbar! On the rebound he SCORED! That is full time and the boys WONNNN!

Tryouts was on for professional football academies. This was Bob’s dream to show the world who he is.Then he scored the winning goal for his team, “He is an awesome piece of nature!” Said the commentator. He qualified for the team.

3 months later 

Bob had won his first trophy with the club! 

The end