Abandoned village

The abandoned village in the desert in 1999. The village nobody ever dared to enter because they will get cursed for eternity.But a traveler called Bob wanted to check it out and he noticed it was abandoned.As he entered the floor boards were creaking every second and the door slammed and thunder strikes the sand to make a sand storm I was frightened it made me jump up I thought I was dead I knew as I took one step in.

I knew I was locked in. Walking up the stairs a figure Followed me making noises. Suddenly I saw fog coming out of one of the rooms and pottery falling from every direction. Looking in front of me I saw a spectre, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. All the doors slammed closed and locked behind me. A massive cold wind passing through me. I was lost forever.

 I kept running I smashed the window and I jumped out.I ran back to my house through the dark woods with leaves smacking my face from every angle but the ghosts didn’t stop following me they kept saying CoMe BaCk and giving me bad luck for ever As I went to look at the haunted village went back to the abandoned village again I stepped in I took one deep breath then sadly I had to live in the abandoned, haunted village for ever and I saw it again it was the spectre.I was frightened but I knew I couldn’t shout for help because all I know is that I’m stuck in the darn middle of the desert with nothing around me but sand and loads and loads of land. I am for evilly doomed!!!! 

But I remember I had some ghost jews to scare all the ghosts of but my bag was to fare away from me so there was a metal bar right behind me I grabbed it and though it at the spectre It went right though it I was amazed I had to run right through it.It was super duper slimy and sticky. The bag was right there I got the bag with nothing in it the ghost took it into the foggy room it was on the ground I got it into my hands the ghost were speeding at me the ghost vanished into thin air.

I was cheering.of happiness now I know why they said to me to never enter the HAUNTED VILLAGE as I was driving home I saw some slime on the back of my car as I palled up to my shed I went in and I saw a headless horseman called Norman It was chasing me Again over the whole entire house.


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