Meerbat’s holiday

First, Meerbat met some new friends and they were very nice. The next day, Meerbat was jumping and jumping so he had a lot of fun, but after that he got stuck! Then he went to a restaurant and he got a nice, warm drink because it was very cold outside.On the next day, it was CHRISTMAS!!! He got so many presents and he loved them! He got a present from his friends, his mum, his dadhis auntie, his uncle, his grandma and his grandpa. Meerbat had a lovely holiday!

what Meerbat did

First Meerbat went ice skating and he loved but he was getting cold so he got some hot coco and it whamed him right up .  On the next day it was Christmas Day and he was very excited to open his wonderful presents and he got a grappling hook so he can climb buildings like the real Batman. He used it to go on the top of the Christmas tree and he used it to get some sweets . Then at the end of the day he sat by the fire place .


We went to Burwell on Wednesday 13th of December 2017. Every time a year group goes in year  4 they will have a chance to go to Burwell. On  Thursday we had a disco and we  played pass the parcel. In it Mrs Deleany put sweets and Miss Ruff found some jokes which she printed. We had lunch at 12 o’clock, for lunch we had  sausages, I had 3 and a  half sausages. If you don’t want to go to Burwell  you  will still have an exciting time because you might go to Chiquitos because this year people went to Chiquitos




 I hope you get a great  idea  of what Burwell is like so have fun!

What Meerbat has been doing?

It looks like Meerbat has been having a yummy treat in the holidays by eating a lot of chocolate🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫


Meerbat must have had a very comfy bed with his teddy’s friends. The teddys that are with him must of been his friends.



Meerbat might have been awake all night because he has been drinking coffee ☕️ (I think it might be coffee I don’t know).   


Meerbat must of had a lot of presents 🎁 to unwrap.  Guess in comments what he might of got (please)

Today in assembly

Today in assembly we watched Genr8. It was about Christmas and they do it at Christmas, Easter, and other important events. Today they were doing it about Christmas. We found out that Christmas it not about presents it’s about spending time together.

Hope this gives you a better idea of what Christmas is kind of about.


If I took meerbat home, I would take him to the park and push him on the swing and then when I have pushed him on the swing, I will take him on the slide for a couple of turns. Then I would go home for a snack. Then I would go to play out with my friends up on the field to play it I am normally it so I said I will be it. Then I got Karen my friend then she got summer then she said I am not playing because I am going home for lunch but I will be back in a little bit. I am having soup for lunch. Then we went back out side to play  another game of it for 3 hours. Then it was dinner time then I watched tv for a hour then I went to bed then I went to school and told everyone about my weekend.

hope you enjoy by Lexie Daniels


A few days ago we went to a restaurant called Chiquitos. This was because a lot of people went to Burwell so we decided to go to a restaurant for all the people that are not going  to Burwell. Once we arrived to the restaurant we all took a seat. We met a lady called Georgina and she helped. We tried lots of different sauces like Salsa, Guacamole and sour cream. My favourite was the Salsa and we got to make our own burito. This was fun because I had never made one of these before. We really liked being at the restaurant and the food was really tasty.


Year 4 trip to Chiquito

Thursday 14th December 2017

Some children went to Burwell but the rest of year 4 went to Chiquito. It was amazing! When we got in the restaurant we had lovely served nachos on the table. We had 3 dips to choose from. They were salsa,sour cream and guacamole.We tried them and they were delicious,the lady in the restaurant was called Georgina and she was very kind. She said now try the nachos with all the dips I didn’t really like it with all the dips though.

After that Georgina told us a secret! The secret was that all of those dips represent the Mexican flag.

Then after trying the nachos,we made our buritos. I made my burito with rice,chicken, beans,lettuce and cheese.I put a lot of the food inside the burito so I would win the competition. When everyone made their buritos they went in the oven for 4 minutes. While we were waiting for our buritos to cook me and my friends were doing some hand claps together.

When the buritos were done we got to choose if we wanted to take it home or eat it at the restaurant, I decided to eat mine at the restaurant. mmm I wanted to shout it was so yummy, it was juicy and scrumptious. After eating our delicious burritos, the chef came and he announced who had the best burito. The chef said that I had made the best burrito because he liked the food that I put inside and I had rolled it perfectly! I won a Chiquitos sombrero with a yellow ribbon on it. I was very pleased!