How to get a learning license

This is how to get a learning license so first you have to be a good role model. Next you need to listen to  your teacher so you can impress them in your work. After that you need to follow instructions. Last but not least you need to be nice and finally you’ll need to be  at school at the right time!

After listening to this you will get your learning license if you follow these words!


My favourite lesson this week

My favourite lesson this week was English because I love writing and Miss Ruff planned the best lesson. In that lesson we had to write about a little boy and in the lesson the boy was walking to his Grandma’s house and his mum said don’t go the long way go the short cut way but he didn’t.  I wonder what will happen next …



A few weeks ago in Stem Week, we made an irrigation system and we put holes in the lid and the bottle .

Then we did a science experiment with Miss Timmis outside. We had measuring sticks we measured how sound changed over distance using decibels on the ipads.