When I when to burwell it was fun and the place was amazing and I was so excited to go there.When we got there we had lunch at 12’o clock.What we had for lunch is mash potatoes, sausages ,gravey and some vegetables.Also I like the sasusages because it was very good and I like the gravey.Then we started to go to our bedrooms and I was with my friends in the same room and it was fun.After that we went to our room and get our pyjamas on then went down stairs.Then we went into the living room and then we watched a movie and it was elf but we didn’t watch all of it because we had to go to sleep.THE END



We went to Burwell on Wednesday 13th of December 2017. Every time a year group goes in year  4 they will have a chance to go to Burwell. On  Thursday we had a disco and we  played pass the parcel. In it Mrs Deleany put sweets and Miss Ruff found some jokes which she printed. We had lunch at 12 o’clock, for lunch we had  sausages, I had 3 and a  half sausages. If you don’t want to go to Burwell  you  will still have an exciting time because you might go to Chiquitos because this year people went to Chiquitos




 I hope you get a great  idea  of what Burwell is like so have fun!