My favorite songs

My Favorite song is power from little mix .

My favorite singer is lyanne because her voice is very powerful and nice .

My next favorite song is cenco from them I like it because I am learning Spanish with my mum at home because she speak s a bit of Spanish so she can teach me .


Spelling group

In spellings, I have been using the suffix      -ous at the end of a word. For example:

Luxurious, various, mysterious, glorious, furious, hilarious, serious, tedious, obvious, curious, gaseous, erroneous, hideous, spontaneous, simultaneous. They are the words in the spelling group!

Making my Easter Egg

    Here is a picture it could look like! Or better!          First I had to get an egg. Then I had to decoupadge my egg with pink paper because I am making a pink unicorn.(My favourite animal)

After I had to put glue on it over and over again to make it kind of smooth. After a while it dried and I got all of my things to make it.

Finally I got some flowers and made that into a headband, then made a horn out of pipe cleaner. 

And then for hair you I put some sparkly ribbon. Last but not least the finishing touch is choose any sharpy and draw a face.


I made the egg for a competion at school you could use it.

By Kayleigh ?

Cake sale ?

Year4 was doing a yummy cake sale,people had to bring a cake if they wanted to.We are raising money for Barnardo’s,Barnardo’s is a charity with a lot of homeless kids.We could bye cakes at home time and they all tasted delicious.I ate 2 cakes and there was all from Vanessa,it tasted like if I was in heaven.?


By Qian Qian

My favourite lesson

My favourite lesson  is science  geography English  there are the 3 favourite lesson ever because it is very fun and interesting.

I also like maths sometimes because it is to hard  but if it is to hard you try before you ask that  mean  that you are getting it and you are learning

from Marcela



I know lots of songs! My favourite singers on YouTube are Little Mix! Another of my favourite singer is Jojo Siwa. ?  Here are some of my favourite songs: Shout out to my ex, There’s nothing holding me back, Power, Hair, Touch, Reggeanto Lento, Kid in a candy store ?, Love me like you, Havana, Ooh la la, Symphony, Hold the drama, Mama and many more!!! I listen to songs everyday.

My favourite singers are Little Mix because they have really strong voices and they are amazing actors. The girls are called Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne. My favourite girl is called Perrie because she is very beautiful. I mostly listen to their song each day. I really like the 5 songs called Reggeanto Lento, Secret love song, Power, Touch and Black Magic.

Cake sale

On 31st of January 2018, Year 4 had a cake sale. We decided to make a cake sale because we are helping children in Barnardo’s. Banardo’s is where children don’t have a family. We would all like to help them by raising money, so we have all decided to do a cake sale.

We got a letter to raise money for barnardo and our mums have signed up the slip.  When our mums signed up the slip, we were able to help sell some cakes. We were so excited!!!

When the day arrived, the children that have permission to help, we had to go to the pink hall early to get everything ready. We have all used our top manners to make our costumers happy. We gave the cakes that they wanted to eat. We had so much fun! We all hope that the children in Barnardo’s will get a family very soon.