Meerbat’s holiday

First, Meerbat met some new friends and they were very nice. The next day, Meerbat was jumping and jumping so he had a lot of fun, but after that he got stuck! Then he went to a restaurant and he got a nice, warm drink because it was very cold outside.On the next day, it was CHRISTMAS!!! He got so many presents and he loved them! He got a present from his friends, his mum, his dadhis auntie, his uncle, his grandma and his grandpa. Meerbat had a lovely holiday!

Chiquito Restaurant

On Thursday, we went to Chiquito so that we would have as much fun as the people who went to Burwell. First, we had to walk there for a long time so I was very tired. When we finished walking, I was really happy because I just wanted to eat. Then we got to try different flavours of dips. These dips were guacamole, sour cream and salsa. We had to put them in a special order so that it would make the Mexican flag. Next, we made our buritos, for my filling  I    put in chicken, rice and cheese. One of the chefs chose who had the best burito and it was Livia! We also got a hat and a bag filled with a balloon, notebook, pen, sweets and 2 cards. THANK YOU CHIQUITOS, our trip was amazing!!!