The cake bake sale!!

In Year 4 we had a bake sale everyone in year 4 had  made some cakes on Wednesday 31st Janaruray 2018.

I brought  a chocolate muffin it was yummy! The next day at break was Thursday 1st February 2018 there was more left so I got a cake with sprinkles!

My big write

What animals live in the polar?

The type of animals that live in the polar like the cold.The animals which like the cold are leopard,seal,penguins,polar bears,walrus and others.

Why polar is cold.

Polar is cold because the animals that live there have very thick fur so when it is cold they cool down.It is cold because polar is far from The equator  polar only gets a little bit of sun .

What plants live in the polar?

Artic plants approximately 1700 species including Dwarf,shurubs,herbs those are the plants that grow in the polar because can only grow them.

At Chiquitos

Today on the Tuesday 14th some of the year4 is at burwell and the rest of year 4 went to  chiquitos. We made our own baritos. It was fun and my  baritos was  yum. It took forever for other people who came with us to make.

My time staying at school

At school some people went to Burwell for 2-3days and the people who are not going to Burwell they stay at school and do fun things.When we were staying at school we went to Chiqiutos and we tried new food like Salsa ,Guacamole,Sour cream  and we dip it in nachos also we made burritos in my burrito I put chicken rice and lettuce cheese.