A few days ago we went to a restaurant called Chiquitos. This was because a lot of people went to Burwell so we decided to go to a restaurant for all the people that are not going  to Burwell. Once we arrived to the restaurant we all took a seat. We met a lady called Georgina and she helped. We tried lots of different sauces like Salsa, Guacamole and sour cream. My favourite was the Salsa and we got to make our own burito. This was fun because I had never made one of these before. We really liked being at the restaurant and the food was really tasty.


Year 4 trip to Chiquito

Thursday 14th December 2017

Some children went to Burwell but the rest of year 4 went to Chiquito. It was amazing! When we got in the restaurant we had lovely served nachos on the table. We had 3 dips to choose from. They were salsa,sour cream and guacamole.We tried them and they were delicious,the lady in the restaurant was called Georgina and she was very kind. She said now try the nachos with all the dips I didn’t really like it with all the dips though.

After that Georgina told us a secret! The secret was that all of those dips represent the Mexican flag.

Then after trying the nachos,we made our buritos. I made my burito with rice,chicken, beans,lettuce and cheese.I put a lot of the food inside the burito so I would win the competition. When everyone made their buritos they went in the oven for 4 minutes. While we were waiting for our buritos to cook me and my friends were doing some hand claps together.

When the buritos were done we got to choose if we wanted to take it home or eat it at the restaurant, I decided to eat mine at the restaurant. mmm I wanted to shout it was so yummy, it was juicy and scrumptious. After eating our delicious burritos, the chef came and he announced who had the best burito. The chef said that I had made the best burrito because he liked the food that I put inside and I had rolled it perfectly! I won a Chiquitos sombrero with a yellow ribbon on it. I was very pleased!

Christmas decorations

For our Christmas decorations, we made our own bouncing snowman. Many people struggled with cutting the snowman so it had a bouncy body but luckily Mrs Timmis helped us. Soon some of us coloured in the snowman,some people even named the snowman and I named mine Lucy.The funny thing was that I saw my snowman at the disco and me and my friends saw theirs as well.The people that didn’t do the snowman were doing Lego coding or at the Burwell trip.




The Christmas Cards by Charles Dickens

At school last week we read the story of the Christmas Carol and we watched the film. We read a chapter and then watched the chapter. We were all excited for the the film to start because some people hadn’t seen it and some people just think that it is an exciting film to watch  too. It really helped  reading the story and talking  about what had happened before we saw it in the film. My  favourite part was when Scrooge got hounded by three spirits.

Our trip to Chiquito Restaurant

On Thursday 14th December, we went to a Mexican restaurant called Chiquito. Me and my friends all tried different foods from Mexico. They all had special toppings that represent the Mexican flag. We had Salsa Sauce which was red, Guacamole which was green and Sour Cream which was white.

My favourite topping was the Salsa Sauce because it was a really good taste with some vegetables in. I didn’t like Guacamole because it had avocado and herbs and I don’t like that. The Sour Cream was really spicy and sour but it was a good topping. Then we all had to mix those toppings together. It was so yummy and a bit spicy. I liked dipping the nachos in the different toppings. Nachos are a type of chip that you can dip in and try those toppings.

We all tried to make our own burito. In my burito, I put rice, beans and lettuce. We had a competition of who made the best burito, and my friend Livia won! Her prize was a Mexican hat. Everyone got a hat too.

I enjoyed the trip to Chiquito. Before we came back to school, we all got a Mexican hat and a goodie bag. I had a super time!


We went on a lovely trip to CHIQUITO,it was very fun and I made my own burrito. We all enjoyed making our burito and most importantly we ate it too. After that they kindly gave all of us a bag of things and a Mexican hat. Before this all happened we ate nachos with sour cream,guacamole and salsa.These are the things that I put in my burito- cheese,rice,veg and chicken.It was a busy and fun day.



From Qian Qian

Chiquito Restaurant

On Thursday, we went to Chiquito so that we would have as much fun as the people who went to Burwell. First, we had to walk there for a long time so I was very tired. When we finished walking, I was really happy because I just wanted to eat. Then we got to try different flavours of dips. These dips were guacamole, sour cream and salsa. We had to put them in a special order so that it would make the Mexican flag. Next, we made our buritos, for my filling  I    put in chicken, rice and cheese. One of the chefs chose who had the best burito and it was Livia! We also got a hat and a bag filled with a balloon, notebook, pen, sweets and 2 cards. THANK YOU CHIQUITOS, our trip was amazing!!!