English with Mrs Timmis

This week in English, year 4 has been thinking about the book “ The Firework-Maker’s Daughter.”

We have been asking questions about the book with Mrs Timmis. Then we all predicted about what would happen in the book. I had a lot of fun in English because that is my favourite subject. I have written a lot of different questions in my English book. We all had great questions and predictions about the book. While I was writing questions, Mrs Timmis gave me pink ticks! I had a lot of fun in English with Mrs Timmis.

My favourite lesson this week

My favourite lesson this week was English because I love writing and Miss Ruff planned the best lesson. In that lesson we had to write about a little boy and in the lesson the boy was walking to his Grandma’s house and his mum said don’t go the long way go the short cut way but he didn’t.  I wonder what will happen next …