The pet rats at games club

At Games Club we have pets called Cecil and Percy. They are cute and they love to site around the rooms and yesterday I looked after them at school in the afternoon with Mrs Murray and Percy climbed on Mrs Murray’s head. They fell asleep behind the beanbag. Then we had to clean their cage and Mrs Mac put them bag in the cage.

By 13Harrys

English with Mrs Timmis

This week in English, year 4 has been thinking about the book “ The Firework-Maker’s Daughter.”

We have been asking questions about the book with Mrs Timmis. Then we all predicted about what would happen in the book. I had a lot of fun in English because that is my favourite subject. I have written a lot of different questions in my English book. We all had great questions and predictions about the book. While I was writing questions, Mrs Timmis gave me pink ticks! I had a lot of fun in English with Mrs Timmis.