Wednesday 4th July 2018

The clones are playing horrendously and maybe just maybe the Origanals are bringing it home, instead of the clones it’s actually real people.

Yesterday morning, there was a amazing football match in a large stadium. The well played players were Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney, Zlaten, Iniedta,Ribera, Howard and their manager (they were the Originals). Playing against them were the cheating Clones. Sadly, the Clones kept winning and cheating!! In Russia the football was set place and do you know why the Originals were doing this? They are trying to save extravagant football from being boring and to make you curious who will win instead of the same team keep winning and winning and winning.

The kick off…                    In the kick off in a couple of minutes the Originals tried to score a goal but the goalie (for the Clones) caught the ball in his hand.

The match                       Continuing the match, they remembered to play safe so they did and were playing the way the Clones did. 

What happened next   Want to know what happened next well the Originals SCORED A GOAL and won instead of the Clones!

Here are some interesting quotes that have been said:              “How are we meant to score?”questioned player 7 as he got tackled.    “We will beat these losers!”shouted the clone as he was thinking how to score.  “YES!” as Christino Ronaldo scored a goal! They were some quotes from the players =D

Opinions of mine (you may not agree)                   Exhausted players were playing and I could tell you this because the were sweaty. In my opinion the Clones were cheating and were to scared to take risks. The Originals should have won in the first place because it wasn’t fair for them to be going up against Clones.







Thursday 10th May 2018 

In English we were doing P.E.E, which means Point, Evidence and Explain. We had to compare stories called the ‘Nobleman’ with another story called ‘Farmer’. In the Noblemans story he had no children however in the farmers story he had a couple of children. In both stories they clean and shave but the Nobleman has servants to help him do it, unlike the Farmer.

Making my Easter Egg

    Here is a picture it could look like! Or better!          First I had to get an egg. Then I had to decoupadge my egg with pink paper because I am making a pink unicorn.(My favourite animal)

After I had to put glue on it over and over again to make it kind of smooth. After a while it dried and I got all of my things to make it.

Finally I got some flowers and made that into a headband, then made a horn out of pipe cleaner. 

And then for hair you I put some sparkly ribbon. Last but not least the finishing touch is choose any sharpy and draw a face.


I made the egg for a competion at school you could use it.

By Kayleigh ?


We went to Burwell on Wednesday 13th of December 2017. Every time a year group goes in year  4 they will have a chance to go to Burwell. On  Thursday we had a disco and we  played pass the parcel. In it Mrs Deleany put sweets and Miss Ruff found some jokes which she printed. We had lunch at 12 o’clock, for lunch we had  sausages, I had 3 and a  half sausages. If you don’t want to go to Burwell  you  will still have an exciting time because you might go to Chiquitos because this year people went to Chiquitos




 I hope you get a great  idea  of what Burwell is like so have fun!

What Meerbat has been doing?

It looks like Meerbat has been having a yummy treat in the holidays by eating a lot of chocolate????????


Meerbat must have had a very comfy bed with his teddy’s friends. The teddys that are with him must of been his friends.



Meerbat might have been awake all night because he has been drinking coffee ☕️ (I think it might be coffee I don’t know).   


Meerbat must of had a lot of presents ? to unwrap.  Guess in comments what he might of got (please)

Today in assembly

Today in assembly we watched Genr8. It was about Christmas and they do it at Christmas, Easter, and other important events. Today they were doing it about Christmas. We found out that Christmas it not about presents it’s about spending time together.

Hope this gives you a better idea of what Christmas is kind of about.

My big write

This week we had to do a big write about Boss Baby


This is a film review about Boss Baby. This is a film we saw last week so we highly recommend that you should watch it to!


The story of the film was about a Baby that was pretending to be a baby but Tim finally found out that the baby was actually the Boss Baby.