Meerbat’s Adventures!

In the Christmas holidays, Mrs Sewell had lots of fun spending lots of time with Meerbat. She was so excited!

First, they all went to see the funfair! They definitely had lots of fun there!               Then, they all came back home to have some warm coffee.                                    When it was Christmas Day, Meerbat was opening his presents excitedly. Cheeky Meerbat tried to eat up all of the candy!!!     The best thing on Christmas was having fun!


Our trip to Chiquito Restaurant

On Thursday 14th December, we went to a Mexican restaurant called Chiquito. Me and my friends all tried different foods from Mexico. They all had special toppings that represent the Mexican flag. We had Salsa Sauce which was red, Guacamole which was green and Sour Cream which was white.

My favourite topping was the Salsa Sauce because it was a really good taste with some vegetables in. I didn’t like Guacamole because it had avocado and herbs and I don’t like that. The Sour Cream was really spicy and sour but it was a good topping. Then we all had to mix those toppings together. It was so yummy and a bit spicy. I liked dipping the nachos in the different toppings. Nachos are a type of chip that you can dip in and try those toppings.

We all tried to make our own burito. In my burito, I put rice, beans and lettuce. We had a competition of who made the best burito, and my friend Livia won! Her prize was a Mexican hat. Everyone got a hat too.

I enjoyed the trip to Chiquito. Before we came back to school, we all got a Mexican hat and a goodie bag. I had a super time!

The pet rats at games club

At Games Club we have pets called Cecil and Percy. They are cute and they love to site around the rooms and yesterday I looked after them at school in the afternoon with Mrs Murray and Percy climbed on Mrs Murray’s head. They fell asleep behind the beanbag. Then we had to clean their cage and Mrs Mac put them bag in the cage.

By 13Harrys

HPS Rules

At Huntingdon Primary School, we have five values: Respect, Courage, Resilience, Pride and Teamwork. It is important that we show the HPS values because being kind, nice and helpful makes everyone happy. You should always make the right choices in the class because you can get Star of the Week or Head Comms awards. To get Top Table, you need to be using polite manners to the midday staff and the dinner staff. You need to say please and thank you politely. I really enjoy learning in my school.

English with Mrs Timmis

This week in English, year 4 has been thinking about the book “ The Firework-Maker’s Daughter.”

We have been asking questions about the book with Mrs Timmis. Then we all predicted about what would happen in the book. I had a lot of fun in English because that is my favourite subject. I have written a lot of different questions in my English book. We all had great questions and predictions about the book. While I was writing questions, Mrs Timmis gave me pink ticks! I had a lot of fun in English with Mrs Timmis.