Meerbat looks like he is having a great time with mrs Sewell but did he try to take a bit of coffee or tea because that would have been a bit too naughty .But as long as he is having fun with his owner mrs sewall who is a lovely teacher and a lovely mum or ower.


At Burwell we played a game called sly fox what we had to do was the teachers and Conal where farmers and they had to try and find some children that are foxes and if they see us they will call our name then we get a skull picture on our face,hand or arm.


The other game we played is where there is a map and a checklist and we had to look at the number on the map and went to find the piece of plastic and write the word next to the number on our sheet with our partner.

Stem week

Last week on stem week we made our irrigation system and I really enjoyed that. We also did maths using a power point with Mrs Delaney and we also did a science  experiment and measuring with decibels.


My favourite lesson out of this week.

My favourite part of this week is when we were with Mrs Timmis . What we did was when  Mrs Timmis made an electricity poster and we had to decide what your number was with your group. There had to be one, two and three. You also had to copy Mrs Timmis’s poster. My other favourite thing is gymnastics.