Meerbat looks like he is having a great time with mrs Sewell but did he try to take a bit of coffee or tea because that would have been a bit too naughty .But as long as he is having fun with his owner mrs sewall who is a lovely teacher and a lovely mum or ower.

My favorite songs

My Favorite song is power from little mix .

My favorite singer is lyanne because her voice is very powerful and nice .

My next favorite song is cenco from them I like it because I am learning Spanish with my mum at home because she speak s a bit of Spanish so she can teach me .


Spelling group

In spellings, I have been using the suffix      -ous at the end of a word. For example:

Luxurious, various, mysterious, glorious, furious, hilarious, serious, tedious, obvious, curious, gaseous, erroneous, hideous, spontaneous, simultaneous. They are the words in the spelling group!

Making my Easter Egg

    Here is a picture it could look like! Or better!          First I had to get an egg. Then I had to decoupadge my egg with pink paper because I am making a pink unicorn.(My favourite animal)

After I had to put glue on it over and over again to make it kind of smooth. After a while it dried and I got all of my things to make it.

Finally I got some flowers and made that into a headband, then made a horn out of pipe cleaner. 

And then for hair you I put some sparkly ribbon. Last but not least the finishing touch is choose any sharpy and draw a face.


I made the egg for a competion at school you could use it.

By Kayleigh ?