Today in assembly

Today in assembly we watched Genr8. It was about Christmas and they do it at Christmas, Easter, and other important events. Today they were doing it about Christmas. We found out that Christmas it not about presents it’s about spending time together.

Hope this gives you a better idea of what Christmas is kind of about.

My birthday!

 Today was my birthday and I got lots of lovely presents. The presents I got were unicorn slippers, unicorn drink, rainbow hair brush, 2jojo bows, unicorn box, 4 unicorn T-shirts, unicorn key ring, princess Celestia bobble head, unicorn snow globe, puck a pop lip balm, unicorn pens, DC super hero girls DVD, unicorn charm jewellery and an unicorn light up toy. But my favourite birthday presents were the 3 teddies my dad gave me. They were emoji poos. I got a normal one, a rainbow one and a pink one with a crown.