HPS Rules

At Huntingdon Primary School, we have five values: Respect, Courage, Resilience, Pride and Teamwork. It is important that we show the HPS values because being kind, nice and helpful makes everyone happy. You should always make the right choices in the class because you can get Star of the Week or Head Comms awards. To get Top Table, you need to be using polite manners to the midday staff and the dinner staff. You need to say please and thank you politely. I really enjoy learning in my school.

How to get a learning license

This is how to get a learning license so first you have to be a good role model. Next you need to listen to  your teacher so you can impress them in your work. After that you need to follow instructions. Last but not least you need to be nice and finally you’ll need to be  at school at the right time!

After listening to this you will get your learning license if you follow these words!


Gymnastics this week

Gymnastics this week was really cool because we did lots of fun activities. This week we did  cartwheels and we had to walk on our tip toes with a bean bag on our head. This was hard to keep our balance. At the end the coach showed us his handstand and he could do a handstand for a really long time while walking on his hands as well. It was brilliant!

How to get an independent learning license

First you need to not talk in lessons and listen and show respect.  You must listen to instructions that the teacher says.Get on with your work and don’t talk to your friends while working (unless you are using teamwork).  At play time show appropriate moves like not hitting others.Be respectful to others ,your self and property like chairs and post appropriate things on blogs,Edmodo and seasaw.If you show all of these things that I told you,you might earn an independent learning license.

Hope you earn one.

by Qianqian