Amazing final match coming up!

The clones and the originals are playing their final match to score a first goal mabey clones will win mabey originals will win so come and see it now in the large football stadium in Russia.

The clones and originals are coming back in Russia to play a another football match.This is happening today afternoon because people are not watching football anymore in the large football stadium while not that much people didn’t play.

A lot of people were losing like the originals because they didn’t take risk.So they did other things like fishing,selling and working in a haircut shop.

This is the best day of my life I have ever played today,explained Ronaldo when they were starting the huge match.This is the final match to be seen so they can save football from being excitedly boring so more people can watch.

Excited to score a goal, the originals scored a goal and they won.They did this because they needed to save football so more people watch the rest of the football match.

People didn’t watch football because it was getting really boring.They were playing this match because they wanted to save football from getting really boring.

Some people think they would win and save football.What a fantastic football match I would watch all of it .I think the originals would win.I think the clones wouldn’t win.What a fantastic game of football.The clones were cheating because their manger pressed a button so more players can play.


When I when to burwell it was fun and the place was amazing and I was so excited to go there.When we got there we had lunch at 12’o clock.What we had for lunch is mash potatoes, sausages ,gravey and some vegetables.Also I like the sasusages because it was very good and I like the gravey.Then we started to go to our bedrooms and I was with my friends in the same room and it was fun.After that we went to our room and get our pyjamas on then went down stairs.Then we went into the living room and then we watched a movie and it was elf but we didn’t watch all of it because we had to go to sleep.THE END


what types of bulling are there?

There are four different types of bullies.These are the different types of bullies.There are cyber bullying,physical bulling,verbal bulling,indirect bullying.Cyber bullying is things that are on laptops or any thing online,indirect bullying is doing it to someone else like whispering to someone or spreading rumours,physical bullying is pushing people and doing it again and again but I don’t know what verbal bulling is.