At Chiquitos

Today on the Tuesday 14th some of the year4 is at burwell and the rest of year 4 went to  chiquitos. We made our own baritos. It was fun and my  baritos was  yum. It took forever for other people who came with us to make.

My time staying at school

At school some people went to Burwell for 2-3days and the people who are not going to Burwell they stay at school and do fun things.When we were staying at school we went to Chiqiutos and we tried new food like Salsa ,Guacamole,Sour cream  and we dip it in nachos also we made burritos in my burrito I put chicken rice and lettuce cheese.


At Burwell, we ate our lunch and then we played lots of games and then we went to our bed.The next day we got changed and then we went outside and then we played games and did activities for the whole day until it got dark.Then we had a disco and then the tuck shop was open so we got to get sweets and teddy’s from it. We went to bed and then went downstairs to get breakfast and then we got changed into our Christmas jumpers, and we played good games until we had lunch.Then we went to school and then we went home.

Meerbat’s holiday adventures

Meerbat had a lot of fun,he went ice skating with Mrs. Swell.Then he had a little rest and he wanted to have a delicious cup of coffee but he can’t drink it.He got really excited so he jumped into the wonderful Christmas presents.So then he climbed up the Christmas tree and found a cute dog,then he climbed down the Christmas tree and found a box of Chocolates and ate some.Then he suddenly found a fireplace to make him warm and cozy,he was a bit cheeky and climbed on the light.He had so much fun and found other friends to play with.

By Qian Qian