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Just this morning the Originals finally beat the unreal clones at a gigantic football stadium!



The Originals :



V.S    The clones









All Originals thanked their manager Kareny Delaney.The exciting match was played in South Russia where near KFC and McDonald.KFC and McDonald got big luck since Russian fans all went and some are hungry so …..You Know……


Russian fans hilariously mocked the Clones on the internet and compared with toilet cleaners.Some even say toilet cleaners can do better than the Clones!

” AAHHHHHhhhhhh,this feeling of victory is great!” Ronaldo Christiano exclaimed.


Ribery’s photo with his Clone in the last game went viral just in 3 seconds.Unbelievable right and that shows football is back in place.Its pretty obvious why they risk everything,just to bring football back home from the cheating clones.


by Qian Qian

Cake sale ?

Year4 was doing a yummy cake sale,people had to bring a cake if they wanted to.We are raising money for Barnardo’s,Barnardo’s is a charity with a lot of homeless kids.We could bye cakes at home time and they all tasted delicious.I ate 2 cakes and there was all from Vanessa,it tasted like if I was in heaven.?


By Qian Qian

Meerbat’s holiday adventures

Meerbat had a lot of fun,he went ice skating with Mrs. Swell.Then he had a little rest and he wanted to have a delicious cup of coffee but he can’t drink it.He got really excited so he jumped into the wonderful Christmas presents.So then he climbed up the Christmas tree and found a cute dog,then he climbed down the Christmas tree and found a box of Chocolates and ate some.Then he suddenly found a fireplace to make him warm and cozy,he was a bit cheeky and climbed on the light.He had so much fun and found other friends to play with.

By Qian Qian

Christmas decorations

For our Christmas decorations, we made our own bouncing snowman. Many people struggled with cutting the snowman so it had a bouncy body but luckily Mrs Timmis helped us. Soon some of us coloured in the snowman,some people even named the snowman and I named mine Lucy.The funny thing was that I saw my snowman at the disco and me and my friends saw theirs as well.The people that didn’t do the snowman were doing Lego coding or at the Burwell trip.





We went on a lovely trip to CHIQUITO,it was very fun and I made my own burrito. We all enjoyed making our burito and most importantly we ate it too. After that they kindly gave all of us a bag of things and a Mexican hat. Before this all happened we ate nachos with sour cream,guacamole and salsa.These are the things that I put in my burito- cheese,rice,veg and chicken.It was a busy and fun day.



From Qian Qian

How to get an independent learning license

First you need to not talk in lessons and listen and show respect.  You must listen to instructions that the teacher says.Get on with your work and don’t talk to your friends while working (unless you are using teamwork).  At play time show appropriate moves like not hitting others.Be respectful to others ,your self and property like chairs and post appropriate things on blogs,Edmodo and seasaw.If you show all of these things that I told you,you might earn an independent learning license.

Hope you earn one.

by Qianqian

Maths lessons

My most favourite lesson ever is maths because maths is super fun and I really enjoy it.Sometimes I get stuck but I will try my best to solve it and at home my mum teaches me maths.Maths is my favourite subject because it has some stuff that I know and keeps me going.The things that I love most in maths are times tables,adding,subtracting,dividing and bar charts. Maths make me feel relaxed and it also it’s easier for me to learn.Maths is my favourite lesson in the world.