What I liked in stem week

I liked in. Stem week that we made a irrigation system.So what we needed to do is that we needed a pin and we put holes in the bottle.  Then we had to cut the bottle in half and then we had to go out side and dig a hole in the ground.  We poured some water in the bottle to let the plants all grow strong 

I liked it when I made cotton candy and I was so happy when I did the irrigation system it went down quickly.




Stem week

Stem week is a week that we start making new irrigation systems that will make the plants grow big and more stronger, healthier and good.

During the science experiment we tested our own irrigation systems and watered the plants and it went through the holes.


my amazing stem week by Kyla

Last week or the week before we did a scientist week. It is called stem week. It was great fun because we got to go outside in the allotment and did an irrigation system. We put water in the bottle and watch the water go completely down. We did a lot of maths and we also looked at Judaism.  These aliens took this man and asked him a lot of questions about Judaism. Question one was about were he lived and another was when he could or can’t go if he doesn’t he gets hanged, and he was sent back to earth. When he got back he had a party with all the Jewish people, so they ate honey and apples and we are doing cooking about Judaism too.

STEM Week.

The irrigation system

On Stem week we made an irrigation system to water our allotment. First we needed to get a bottle. Next we needed to use a pin to put some holes in the bottle. After that you  to needed cut off the bottom of the bottle off. Now you need to make a hole in the ground  and put it in. Finally you need to put water in it and make a line to show where it was.

By  Kayleigh.



A few weeks ago in Stem Week, we made an irrigation system and we put holes in the lid and the bottle .

Then we did a science experiment with Miss Timmis outside. We had measuring sticks we measured how sound changed over distance using decibels on the ipads.