LC:to use developed noun phrases to add detail to sentences.

Ansel Adams was born  the 20 Th Feb 1902  he was famous for photographing nature  at its  best with a black and white camera . he commonly photographed new mexico and Yosemite national park .

the pitcher titled  “canyon de national monument ” realy stands out mainly because of the black and white camera i think that typ of camera realy makes the groves of the canun stand out . you can see that he has yoused the rue of three on his photo the main mountain  is in the middle and he has put another mountain no the left so i t dose not look bear . in the for ground there is the mountain   to the left   in the mid ground is the remains of a river and a mountain and in the back ground is the cloud’s.

The other picture that i like is ” The Tetons and the snake ” i think at its name is cool because the snake is soposed to be the river  as it cervs and the tetons are the mountains .he has made the photo in a way that  the river disapiares .

i prefer the grande canune one better than eny other photo because it has so much ditial and i love the faced that he could ues color .

Some good descriptions used today to describe Ansel’s work.  You have thought careful in how you describe the landscapes.

Check and change key spellings in your writing and make sure each sentence makes sense.  

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