l.frank baum

Early life

L. frank Baum was born in the 15th may 1856

at a early age l. frank Baum had a heart condition witch meant he could not play like the other kids. This meant he only had three years at military school because of the condition he had. He liked to make storeys for him and his friends. He lived in a house with his mother and his father. He also lived with some of his 4 brothers and his 3 sisters. He was one of eight children.

His jobs/Early career

l. frank Baum had multiple jobs like a employee at a locale convene store And  many other job titles as such. He also had a job at his dads theater- He even wrote his own play called “the maid of arran” a musical play.


he was married in 1882 ton Marries Mand. her mother a head in the women’s writes march.

Mid life

His father died in 1890. making his mother and him devastated from hearing this news but he know he had to keep on going on and he crated a book called the wizard of oz  he published the wizard of oz in 1900 after his fathers death 11 years prier to the book being published after it was published he made a line in the book a quote saying ” there’s no place like home “.



He had 4 kids frank josh Baum, rebert station Baum ,harry real Baum and kethren  gage Baum.


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