monday 2nd march 2020 lc to use develop noun phrases to add detail to sentences

Ansel Adams was born the 20th of February 1902.

he was famous for his photograph and despite his time when he could of got a new coloured  camera but he chose a black and white one instead. He was the one to make photograph a art form before photos were not thought as a art form but just a picture. but Ansel Adams made it the art form it is now. then it was his art form and it still is his art form. thanks to him it is now a actually art form.


In 1941 Ansel Adams went to lake Ellery in sierra Nevada in the picture there is the rule of thirds being used he thought the ice on the lake in the mid ground and the back ground. As well as that there is also some trees in the bottom  right corner of the photograph. And some mountains and some hills in the photograph as well in the back ground.


After a year, Ansel Adams created a photograph of the Canyon de Chelly national monument in Arizona there is a    semi mounting in the middle of the canyon. The canyon is wrapt around by a smooth stone witch aperies there was a river or a lake there once.


I liked that in the first picture there was a mounting there but I liked the massive mounting in the middle of the picture they are both very wonderful pinchers in there own way like the first picture  had a small mounting in it at the top and in the second Picture there was a huge rocky cliff in the middle of the photograph and I prefer the seconded picture because it has more in it.


Ansel Adams died 22nd of April 1984

Liam Baldwin

Some good use of noun phrases to describe and some different sentence structures used.

Add more details to some sentences to fully explain each point.




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