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Bored, scared, idle-should we have to experience this? Sadly, while in lockdown, things have changed! Do you know your friends anymore? Well… with our new project, we can fix that bizarre boredom. Your friends miss you as much as the moon would miss the sun. As lockdown got stricter, we had to give up a few things! For example, your friend may have had to give up being an artist, or wanting to be an interior designer, who knows? Our project has fixed that problem, of not knowing what your friends are into these days. Of course, you could just take a quiz online, on, for example, matequiz. But where is the fun in that? That’s what I thought. Now,would you like to come with us on a journey, with creative splashes along the way…?


As most things have changed (passions favourite colours, animals, foods ect.), Mate-azines has got a fun friend test with a splash of creativity. Who doesn’t love magazines? So, what about personalised magazines? If you do, and you and your friends want to try something different, then this is how it works. First, you install the app mate-azines (available in App Store and google play) create an account, using your email or phone number, then take a survey (including questions like favourite things, passions , what do you want to be when you grow up). After you’ve done that, you create a ‘room’, copy the link and send it to at least 3 friends. Now that you’re all set up, you don’t pay much for the magazines and it gets delivered to one of the people in the room. And If you want the magazine just for yourself to enjoy, then pay only £1.50, and it will be delivered within a few days. Once you have read your friends magazine, and you think you know who it is based on, you go back to the room, and pick one of the names that it gives you. Then, once everyone is done, you find out who had whose magazine. Of course, there are online quizzes that prove the same thing, and are for free, but do you want to do that, or this new project, which you will love(as you told us you love magazines). If you you want to keep doing online friend tests, then that is fine, but be careful, make sure it is a secure site. There is only one thing missing from this project… you! If you want to join our project today, download mate-azines today.only £3 from each person in the room. Are you ready for this?


This is just the start of mate-azines! As our business grows: our magazines, and app will be better quality. The app will also be more simple and organised. Also the magazines will be delivered quicker, and handled with more care. But that is the future, and this is now! We just want you to enjoy the magazines, have fun, and be safe. At the moment we are a small settle company, but with you, we are a successful starting company! If you believe that we can do this, if you believe in us, then we can do this… together! Hopefully, only one in a million people will ignore us. If you are as excited  as us, join today, by signing up in the app- mate-azines.

Thank you for your time,



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