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Lockdown. Mundanity. You and I are feeling like this, no everybody is feeling like this in the United Kingdom. Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Karol Jażdżyk and I am 11 years old. I am the founding director of Crepe Madness. Did you ever try or ate a crepe in your life? If not, you have to try my crepes. The problem is that not a lot of people are selling crepes and because of that only some people can experience the great taste of them. When you taste my crepes; when you see the filling; then you see the value of them. You will not find a single place that sells crepes so that’s why Crepe Madness will fix. We will be selling crepes every weekend in town.

Crepe Madness will offer you crepes filled to the top with delicious, sweet and mind-blowing flavours. As people are eating more and more of the same food every single day, they will be faced with a chose. Will you buy my crepes or will you not? Do you want to be stuck with the same food or discover new and amazing flavours. Also, we will have deals like buy 2 get the third for half price. Now that’s a deal! For those that will explore my crepes for the first time you will get half price. The full price of 1 crepe will be £1.30. At these prices, which we believe are an incredible value, our crepes are affordable for everyone. At the start of our business we will not have a huge amount of money. Therefore, there will be not much of the filling to choose from as they cost a lot of money. As we care for our plant we will give you a paper plate and a wooden fork to eat  with as we don’t want our customers with sticky hands.

This is just the start of Crepe Madness! As we grow and more people hear about our product, we will be able to use the increased money to provide customers will a larger variety of fillings to choose from. I fully believe that once we are up and running and the word is out about Crepe Madness people across the whole city will flock to taste a new experience. A way we could give children an amazing experience when buying my crepes from Crepe Madness is to give them a sticker that they can stick it somewhere. However, this is the future and this is now. To make our dream real the only thing we need is… you. With eating not the same food and trying a new and exiting food. My crepes are delicious; they fill you up; they will fill you with joy; it will make you want to eat more than one. Thank you for your time, and I hope that you are excited about my new product as I am.

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  1. Karol, you worked diligently to produce a really great pitch for your product. You included many of the Year 6 writing skills and you should feel very proud of your efforts here. Well done Karol.

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