Masks 4 Life – Sales Pitch

Families across the world are suffering  due to the current global pandemic : kept apart because of social distancing , vulnerable people shielding for fear of illness; public spaces empty and life-less as people hide from the air born enemy. Shops and the government are telling people to stay safe when outside by wearing  a face mask. However , this is easier said then done! Online shops are sold out , leaving people across the country trapped without the  one thing they need to stay safe. Do  you think this is ok? Well, we don’t. We have a easy and affordable solution to this crisis, and today I want to share it with you. Shut your eyes. Imagine a face mask. Hard to get a hold of , unappealing designs, boring and plain – does this sound like what you are thinking of? What If I told you not all masks are like this, what if I told you that you could learn to make your own mask? what If I told you somewhere out there is a mask that is not just safe but STYLISH? Masks 4 LIFE  want to introduce you to the future of safety in these times. So the only question left to ask is : are you ready to step int this journey?

Masks 4 LIFE is a company where we will keep YOU safe, but also STYLISH with just a mask. Unsurprisingly, we have found that 57.4% of people would be interested to buy 4+ masks, due to the quality of our product! This may be due to their design, as 83.33% of people told us that they would be more likely to wear a mask that is fun. Thankfully for these people, this is one of the main things our product offers. Did you know 71.43% of people DON’T  wear a  face mask in public? That is about to change! The more people feel secure in face masks, the more people are going to help protect their family, community and society  from the awful risk of illness. You can get a mask already made for £6 or you could get a mask which comes in a kit for YOU to make by hand with some instructions for £4. Even though lockdown is lifting a cross the country ,face masks are becoming more important then ever. Masks 4 LIFE want to give everyone in the country a chance to break free from  LOCKDOWN by providing masks that are both affordable and designable. Our product  is different to the plain, boring and tired masks we have seen people wearing, as we offer a wide range of colours and unique patterns. You kit will include a piece of high quality fabric with colour matching thread  and a needle  with two pieces of elastic to go with it.You are able to make a mask and send it to your family either locally or even in a different country, not to mention friends who you are not able to see due to lockdown. Do you agree it is time for us all to help each other out and provide stylish safety for everyone?

This is just the beginning of Masks 4 LIFE. As my company grows ,and gets well known, with the money given we we will be able to make MORE masks, in MORE patterns and MORE  colours!My masks will be  able to come in a bigger size packs  as we will be able to provide more things for you to make mask  hand made. As well as being more stylish, we will be able to  to give you a further variety of colours or patterns to make your own custom masks! We want to support you you , your family and your community through these tough times and give you the confidence to leave your homes after you purchase your  safe and stylish masks! The masks will protect you  from the invisible enemy’s! The masks and kits will be available online ONLY as we do not want you to risk your health going outside your house! So go online and buy your safe and stylish masks now. Thank you for listening and have an amazing day!

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