Art 4 U – Sales Pitch

The United Kingdom is in danger and heroes are willing to sacrifice them selfs for us, people are trapped at home like being locked in prison away from your family, people suffering without any food or water and children terrified in fear…, but that’s not the only problem, people are feeling monstrosity and they have nothing to do in life bored with a bit of anger, we as a community are selling art oaks for people how have nothing to do. For you and your family. 

Children in need, we are helping them we are selling art packs so you can not feel bored , this product will be delivered through the post and on online so our product can be delivered to your door step children can enjoy, and you will feel an experience of a life time with your family all together beside you , enjoying a life time and happiness with your family. 

Trapped in lockdown in your home with a art pack to keep you company through out the whole of lockdown and your thinking and talking to your self ( will this horrible lockdown ever stop…? ) drawing a image of your family and experienced a past memory of in your mind and for once you feel exited and happy so your worry’s are all behind ,you are back from sadness to happiness enjoyment and relaxed, but you feel like you want to by more , then here you are in a experienced wold full of joy , are you ready for your art pack…?

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