Bee 1 With Nature – Sales Pitch

Bees are at risk of being wiped off our planet: Vital pollen in short supply; hives not able to thrive from lack of food; Bees dropping from the sky with no energy to carry on. Are we going to just stand and watch as these friendly, harmless animals die? Some people don’t think this is a problem for them, as bees are not important for us. They are wrong. Many plants rely on bees to keep the life cycle turning, and without plants not only will our world lose its wonder, but many species will not have food or habitats. We all know what bees need to survive. Plants. But with more and more places being taken over by buildings, our wildlife is suffering. Thankfully, today I am here to present you with the solution to this crisis, which is not just helpful, but affordable.  Many people complain that they don’t know where to start with gardening and so simply avoid even thinking about it. Sadly, we can no longer push this problem to one side. There is a way we can all become green-fingered and help our yellow and black stripy friends. Affordable, easy and fun for all, all you need for your garden to bloom Does this seem to good to be true? A dream? Well, it is not. Welcome to Bee 1 with nature.

This exciting new product hopes to bring Britain back to bloom, while supporting bees by providing the right plants for them to thrive. In the post, our customers will receive a small package filled to the brim with all they need for gardening success. Some people will benefit from the clear instructions in every pack; others will benefit from getting the right tools sent directly to their doorstep. Whatever you need, we are one step ahead. Designed to  support both expert and novice gardeners, our pack will be accessible for all. In each pack , which will be sold for a standard price of £2, you will find: Bee-suitable seeds (for example: Lavender, Bluebells or even roses), a pack of compost perfect for you seeds, recycled plastic pots to grow your plant in, and finally clear step-by-step instructions to follow. We believe that anyone can be successful with our friendly kit. This kit is incredibly accessible to the point where even the most novice gardener can find success: packed full of all you will need to grow your bee-saving flowers;easy to follow instructions that anyone can understand and simple plants that only need basic care to thrive. With a solution this simple, what are you waiting for? Jump into nature and bring bees along for the ride with you!

This is just the beginning for ‘Bee 1 with nature’! I know that when customers start buying my product and leaving first rate reviews, people from further away will demand that it is available where they live. Once we start to make a profit, the plan is to provide bigger and more substantial packs with higher quality compost enriched with vitamins and nutrients for your plants to grow beautiful! As touched on before, our standard price is set at  £2, although for those customers who treat themselves to two of our packs, will be lucky enough receive a signature bee-patterned handmade face mask! This product is fun for all ages and we hope to provide packs in the packs in the future dedicated to different age groups. However, not only are you planting more flowers to help out our earth by planting more flowers but, you are also helping save our yellow and black striped friends of course! But how will you know this is helping? Each month we will share the impact these flowers are having in your area on our social media presence. So, if YOU get in touch and buy our product, YOU can help bees everywhere! Without your support, we risk losing one of nature’s finest creations, but with our help you can prevent this. Thank you so much for your time and remember bees lives are on our shoulders….. let’s not let them down. Have a wonderful day today and I hope you are as buzzed about my product as I am!

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