A few days ago we went to a restaurant called Chiquitos. This was because a lot of people went to Burwell so we decided to go to a restaurant for all the people that are not going  to Burwell. Once we arrived to the restaurant we all took a seat. We met a lady called Georgina and she helped. We tried lots of different sauces like Salsa, Guacamole and sour cream. My favourite was the Salsa and we got to make our own burito. This was fun because I had never made one of these before. We really liked being at the restaurant and the food was really tasty.


How to get a learning license

This is how to get a learning license so first you have to be a good role model. Next you need to listen to  your teacher so you can impress them in your work. After that you need to follow instructions. Last but not least you need to be nice and finally you’ll need to be  at school at the right time!

After listening to this you will get your learning license if you follow these words!


My favourite lesson this week

Hi my name is Lexie and I’m  telling you what my favourite lesson is. So my  favourite lesson is p.e because we get to do gymnastics and I love gym because it’s really fun and  you get to be skilled in lots of amazing ways  as if you  are learning gym and you want to be a cheerleader you’ll already have the skills that they expect of you. So that’s just an example.