HPS is my school and I have nice teachers like Miss Reeve, Mr Eldon, Miss Martin and Mrs Rigby. My favourite subject is maths because we all ways  learn new things.  

my school

My school  is  fun because   we have  golden time and big  writes. My favourite  is the big write . To day I done maths, next we are here in lunch. After we are having 2 bits of science 🧪.    

My school day

First we go on are white board  then we line up for our groups for maths and English. So I start maths first.  We were doing grouping (division) .


School is a really really cool place because you get to do a lot of activities.even though I don’t like waking up so early. I like to  go to school because I love to learn

School / Year 3

So far in school I like Maths, English and my teachers. Mostly I like Miss Reeve and Mrs Rigby. Maths is pretty easy for me because I’m pretty smart. I love maths and swimming as you can tell. I’m always ready for swimming. School is the best because there’s fun activities same as fun Assemblys.