About Polska

Polska is a good place to go because I have been to Poland and the restraunts there have very good food and the best food there is fish and it is extremely yummy.

Denis daily😺

Denis is a popular YouTube’s he has over 5,000,000 subscribers I like him because he is a great person he plays Roblox he makes tycoons I think his favourite tycoon is the pals tycoon he is  apart of the pals including Alex,Sub,Scetch,Denis and Corl also I like his minecraft series because he’s a pro BY

A walk to the beach

One day Stacy went to the park.It was a warm, sunny day ,as she climbed the ladder to slide down she saw a weird,creepy dog . It hurried to Stacy , but she started to run away. Then the creepy dog caught up to her and dragged her by her collar. Then the dog stopped Read More…

About Nibbles

Nibbles I’ll miss you when we’re all in year 4 because I love you as my friend and I hope you have fun at your new place and I will always remember you From Maddison.

Summer Holidays

This holiday I’m going to go to Emma’s house and we’re going to have a party at her house and have M’Cdonalds and have treats  and we’re going to play musical statues and Simon says.    


I to go to India because my cousins and family live there. They are very kind to me because they buy me and my little brother kinder eggs and little chocolates and toys. There are lots of city’s like Mumbai,Delhi,Chennai and Hydrabad.

What I want to be when we am older.

We love 💕 to sing and dance and when I’m older We want to become a rock star ⭐️ but we also love to write so we’ve started to write songs that JoJo Siwa has made and our lives are awesome 🧚‍♀️ and we could become famous by becoming a rockstar. Although it might seam Read More…