Hashim Amla

Hashim Amla was a South African cricketer. He was born in the 31 March and his age was 36. The school Hashim Amla went in was Durban high school. Lastly, Hashim Amla was born in Durban South Africa 🇿🇦.

What Easter is?

Christians celebrate Easter on the last day of Holy Week. Easter is when  Jeseus  died.On Easter Jeseus died on the ✝️.Some Christians didn’t believe in Jeseus but most did.   The Easter bunny was origantted in Germany 🇩🇪.Jeseuses dad was the god.

My new bike

I am getting a new bike to day 🚲 it has a basket and when I rid it I will get my friend to have a race and when I have something in my hand I can put it in the basket.


Sportsday is a fun day where our parents come to watch us do activities. I liked sports day because it had different activities. The activities were football, bouncy hoppers, run and jump race, basketball, javelins, and other sports. My favourite sports were football and bouncy hoppers because they were the most exciting ones. At the Read More…


The emojis that I like are 😍🤩🥳🥺😈👻😻🐥🦄🐠🦚🦔🌎🌟⭐️🌈and those are the emojis I like now you might think that it’s a lot but there is one emoji that I love and that is 🌸yes it’s amazing _ sorry I kinda got carried away. Any way I don’t really have any more emojis to blog about so Read More…


I hate getting no comments on my blogs but the one thing that takes my mind off  it is you tube, because I am subscribed to a lot of  channels so I always have something to watch. 


I like maths because it is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. My favourite topic in maths is multiplication because it is really easy. My second favourite topic is addition and division because it is really easy.

My Story

Upon a time there lived in fairies I love chicken and on Sunday they met a new friend and one of them it was a princess and prince they love skipping on dancing together and seeing the prayer song called Why lovely dance and this is how it goes and once upon a time to Read More…

sleep over 🛏

I am going to have a sleep over with my friend. I can’t wait for  the sleep 🛏 over because I’m so excited for the sleep 🛏 over.