I like maths because it is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. My favourite topic in maths is multiplication because it is really easy. My second favourite topic is addition and division because it is really easy.

Mathematics 14.3.19

Today we had to find a fraction of an amount it was very hard for me but Miss Rigbee helped me. Afterwards, I chose a one chilly 🌶 challenge because it’s the easiest. I had to fill in the missing fraction. I hope you like it.✌️😜

LC: to solve division problems

Today I’m going to tell you about my maths,you see my work up there . It was a little bit hard and guess what Munnazza had to help me on all green comments, like the challenge and also the answers. Basically division is when you x and then the answer is at the front and Read More…

Difficult maths.

There’s easy ways that you can do for difficult maths. Like if you have 9×40, if you don’t know the answer you can find it out easily. You can add 40 nine times and it will tell you the answer. Another way you can do is Column method, make ten then someone near doubles.