My first ever fortnite skin was frostbite! I got it in season 6! I got to buy the season 7 battle pass because the frostbite pack had frostbite in and a pickaxe, a backbling, a glider and 1000 V-bucks.After I got the season 7 battle pass I had the 2 tier 1 skins which were Read More…


 Christians believe Jesus will come alive 🧟‍♂️ Today. Jesus was nailed to the cross.   Easter 🐣 is when Jesus died on the cross.  

What is Easter?

Easter is a festival celebrated by Christians around the world.Christians celebrate Easter because they believe that Jesus died that day.Easter is when Jesus found out that he was going to die on that  day .

What is Easter ?

Easter is very important to Christians like me. Easter was when Jesus was put in a cave.Easter is Christian holiday!Easter is celebrated after lent.Jesus died on Easter on a cross!Some people believe the word Easter comes from the pagan holiday. Easter is also known as Pasch or Pascha.People put Jesus on a cross with nails on Read More…

My new skin👍

I have a new skin called the calbolt and it’s a epic one🤑 thanks to my dad he bought it for me because it was only 3 pounds so he bought it for me and I also got 700 v-bux and I bought a new pick axe and it’s like a mummy one it has Read More…

What is Easter

Easter is when Jesus Christ died and when it’s Holy Week. Easter is a festival celebrated by Christians around the world. Easter comes after lent. One Easter Sunday Christians eat the Easter eggs 🍳.

Harley and Abram Cristian talk!🙏🏻

.Cristians have believed in Jesus for a long time we still believe in him, he has been nice and we celabrate Easter, cristmas, birthdays and different things! .Did you know Cristian’s celebrated Easter by thinking Jesus came back to life from the dead👻💀.   Hope you enjoyed 🙏🏻