HPS is my school and I have nice teachers like Miss Reeve, Mr Eldon, Miss Martin and Mrs Rigby. My favourite subject is maths because we all ways  learn new things.  

Harley and Abram Cristian talk!🙏🏻

.Cristians have believed in Jesus for a long time we still believe in him, he has been nice and we celabrate Easter, cristmas, birthdays and different things! .Did you know Cristian’s celebrated Easter by thinking Jesus came back to life from the dead👻💀.   Hope you enjoyed 🙏🏻


Oh hello 👋 my name is Harley I’m going to tell you about my friends 1 Kai is my second most likely friend because me and him spend most of the time  hanging out😊 2 Abram is my first friend because me and him were friends in pre schools and   Primary school 🤯

Cool games

Fortnite is a game where you can collect dances like bast mates,floss, disco fever and dab Minecraft is a game were you get to build what ever you want 🙀 Roblox is a game were you get to play what ever you want