I hate getting no comments on my blogs but the one thing that takes my mind off  it is you tube, because I am subscribed to a lot of  channels so I always have something to watch. 


I like maths because it is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. My favourite topic in maths is multiplication because it is really easy. My second favourite topic is addition and division because it is really easy.

My Story

Upon a time there lived in fairies I love chicken and on Sunday they met a new friend and one of them it was a princess and prince they love skipping on dancing together and seeing the prayer song called Why lovely dance and this is how it goes and once upon a time to Read More…

sleep over 🛏

I am going to have a sleep over with my friend. I can’t wait for  the sleep 🛏 over because I’m so excited for the sleep 🛏 over.

The missing box

The missing box Once , there lived a girl called Sarah and she liked cases.The cases that inspired her made her feel more…well…wanting to do it. Ok! Now let’s stop chit chatting around and let’s get on with the story.Sara was a very curious girl but the problem was that she never got to solve Read More…


Once upon a time there was two boys that played roblox every second of a day! That is relaxing, suddenly there eyes tired red THEN there eyes hurt in THEN they where blind. You wanna know why? Because they watched/played to much Screen time!


There was a a man his name was Orpheus famous for music and poetry. People wood travel to Crete to lison to his music . One day there was a pretty woman her name was Eurydice and Orpheus got married. One day Eurydice Steped  on a snake and it bit her on the leg.  

Big Writes

This is one of my big writes about the Greeks. Famously Orpheus marries Eurydice and for his music and poetry. Orpheus was an excellent successful man and people travelled from all around Greece.

My pets

My family pets Lets start with the pets. l have 40 guinea pigs. They love 💖 food  and me. Then theres my rabbit 🐇 he’s called Prince