I to go to India because my cousins and family live there. They are very kind to me because they buy me and my little brother kinder eggs and little chocolates and toys. There are lots of city’s like Mumbai,Delhi,Chennai and Hydrabad.

School 🏫

I like going to school because sometimes school is really fun. My favourite thing about going to school is on Friday we have golden time and on Wednesday do PE. On Thursday me and my friend Sammy go football ⚽️ club we have payed for it to go.

Hashim Amla

Hashim Amla was a South African cricketer. He was born in the 31 March and his age was 36. The school Hashim Amla went in was Durban high school. Lastly, Hashim Amla was born in Durban South Africa 🇿🇦.


Sportsday is a fun day where our parents come to watch us do activities. I liked sports day because it had different activities. The activities were football, bouncy hoppers, run and jump race, basketball, javelins, and other sports. My favourite sports were football and bouncy hoppers because they were the most exciting ones. At the Read More…


I like maths because it is sometimes easy and sometimes hard. My favourite topic in maths is multiplication because it is really easy. My second favourite topic is addition and division because it is really easy.


The romans king is Jupiter. In order to better control Britain, the Romans divided the country in two. In Roman times ,chariot racing is very popular. After Jupiter left, there was a new Roman king called (Claudius).

My friends

My friends are Sammy, Brandon, Igor, Abram, Oscar m,Oscar n and Victor. Brandon is very funny . Sammy is very good. Igors handwriting is very good. Abram is good just as Sammy is. Oscar n and Oscar m  is sometimes really good . Lastly Victor has good handwriting but I cannot really read it.


I like Cricket because if you are the Captain you get to play a game called toss and if you win you get to chose if you want to bat or if you want to ball. In Cricket we have 2 batsmen, 1 baller and 10 feilders. My favourite teams in Cricket are CSK and Read More…

What is Easter

Easter is when Jesus Christ died and when it’s Holy Week. Easter is a festival celebrated by Christians around the world. Easter comes after lent. One Easter Sunday Christians eat the Easter eggs 🍳.

My baby

My baby is so cute but/ however when he hits me, he is very annoying ,naughty and very unkind.When my baby brother is annoying ,my dad and my mum give him a big punishment.When my daddy and mummy punishes my baby brother ,he cries a lot and he’s a big  boy now.