minecraft is a really cool game you can build attack enchanting and also crafting. The legendary item you can mine is a ♦.people in Minecraft can get Ö if they see a diamond.you can make anything you wish to.in mines there might be mobs so WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!    

school trip

On Thursday I was excited because we were going to the national gallery in London. When we got on the couch I sat next to victor. I slept a little bit and when I woke up we were already at London. We went out of the couch and went to the national gallery. We had Read More…

What I am going to do on christmas

On christmas I will wake up and check downstairs if there are any presents. If not I will just eat my breakfast but if there is presents I will open them. After opening the presents I will go upstairs to my room to play with my presents. After playing I am going to have a special pudding which is choclate Read More…

School trips

This year we went on a brilliant trip. I was so exited when it was year 3’s school trip to the national gallery. The coach was 3 hours long I slept a little bit in the coach. Finally we were close and I was so exited. I hope we can go on more trips soon


My friends are Victor, Elizabeth, Munazza, Aleksander and Oscar they are my best friends.They help my if I get hurt. Also they help me if I am sad. We’re going to be friends forever.Even if we get mad at each over, we’ll still be friends. We’re the best friends forever.

my favourite in year 3

My favourite in year 3 was when we do PE because we get to run around and do activities.Also I enjoyed going on Mathletics because maths is my favourite subject.I love to do big writes because you get to write a lot about stuff.I really enjoyed year 3 so far because we done really fun Read More…

Difficult maths.

There’s easy ways that you can do for difficult maths. Like if you have 9×40, if you don’t know the answer you can find it out easily. You can add 40 nine times and it will tell you the answer. Another way you can do is Column method, make ten then someone near doubles.