On the weekend I played Roblox for about 30 minutes later in the day I had a little snack 🍩 and went upstairs.Next my sister came to my room to ask for a prank war. For the next day unaffortanttly i forgot to do it. I had breakfast at 7:00 🥣.Lunch at 1:00 afternoon🍽.Dinner at Read More…

What Easter is?

Christians celebrate Easter on the last day of Holy Week. Easter is when  Jeseus  died.On Easter Jeseus died on the ✝️.Some Christians didn’t believe in Jeseus but most did.   The Easter bunny was origantted in Germany 🇩🇪.Jeseuses dad was the god.


minecraft is a really cool game you can build attack enchanting and also crafting. The legendary item you can mine is a ♦.people in Minecraft can get Ö if they see a diamond.you can make anything you wish to.in mines there might be mobs so WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!    

school trip

On Thursday I was excited because we were going to the national gallery in London. When we got on the couch I sat next to victor. I slept a little bit and when I woke up we were already at London. We went out of the couch and went to the national gallery. We had Read More…

What I am going to do on christmas

On christmas I will wake up and check downstairs if there are any presents. If not I will just eat my breakfast but if there is presents I will open them. After opening the presents I will go upstairs to my room to play with my presents. After playing I am going to have a special pudding which is choclate Read More…

School trips

This year we went on a brilliant trip. I was so exited when it was year 3’s school trip to the national gallery. The coach was 3 hours long I slept a little bit in the coach. Finally we were close and I was so exited. I hope we can go on more trips soon


My friends are Victor, Elizabeth, Munazza, Aleksander and Oscar they are my best friends.They help my if I get hurt. Also they help me if I am sad. We’re going to be friends forever.Even if we get mad at each over, we’ll still be friends. We’re the best friends forever.

my favourite in year 3

My favourite in year 3 was when we do PE because we get to run around and do activities.Also I enjoyed going on Mathletics because maths is my favourite subject.I love to do big writes because you get to write a lot about stuff.I really enjoyed year 3 so far because we done really fun Read More…