How to improve your work

How could you improve your work? You could add adjectives adverbs conjunctions verbs noun and I need to tell you that if you describe a peaceful boat be careful don’t say it bobbed quickly because how can you say that a peaceful boat bobbed quickly it doesn’t work.


The place you can do maths is Mathletics. It is a nice app where you can do all kinds of math can also race people on live Mathletics. It isn’t a different app it is in Mathletics. You should try out this app if you like maths. TRY IT OUT

Facts about pokemon

Pokemon is basicly an amazing game with a lot of cute creatures named pokemon. In pokemon there’s a lot inculding pikachu, raichu, pichu, mewtwo,mew,dialga,palkia,litten,poplio,rowlet,dragonite,metagross,beldum, metang,chimchar,monferno,infernape,turtwig,grotle,torterra,empoleon,piplup, prinplup,moltres,articuno,zapdos,tauros,charmander,charmelon,charizard,latias,latios and celebi.

Pom pom

Today I made a Christmas Pom Pom. I made a snowman Pom Pom, it was made out of wool. would you rather make a snowman Pom Pom or a reindeer Pom Pom? They are so cute and fluffy I am going to get one at the Christmas fayre. What are you making at the Christmas Read More…

This time

Guys if you are new to this website the just do 15 what your name is and the first letter of you sir name (all together) well press log in on the meta thing and you are logged into your new account:-) 😉 . Have fun! Well, my life was great I hope yours was Read More…

How to make a pyramid

How to make a pyramid First get cardboard and fold it like a triangle and make it 3d .  Put your  glue on the pyramid Put real sand on the pyramid Wait for it to dry (24hrs) Put your glue on the sand Add some glitter Wait for it to dry (24hrs thank you for Read More…

All about my school

To people of all countries, I am called violet and I am nearly eight, I am going to tell you about my school. My teacher is called Miss Reeve and she is really nice. There are 6  year groups but we have early years. We have to do music, English, math, science, art, ICT, RE Read More…

Cool games

Fortnite is a game where you can collect dances like bast mates,floss, disco fever and dab Minecraft is a game were you get to build what ever you want 🙀 Roblox is a game were you get to play what ever you want