Hps is so fun especially maths, Art,  PE, and everybody is funny to me and my friends. I love Hps I love my friends

My dog

H   This is my dog her name is mercerdes I Know its a car but I don’t care because my brother called it that. my dog follows me every were . To day  we got to go for a long walk to hinchingbrooke park it was very fun.

Reading books📖

I like to read books because it is very intelligent and makes your brain very sharp. I like to read books that gives you lots of information like Dictionarys. My favourite reading books are Cars and Pinocchio.


I like fifa 19 because you can play it on the 📺  tv. Fifa 19 is my favourite game and it’s on the Playstation 4. My favourite thing about FIFA 19 is that you get to chose what team you want to be and who you want to be against. The controls in FIFA 19 Read More…


I like Cricket because if you are the Captain you get to play a game called toss and if you win you get to chose if you want to bat or if you want to ball. In Cricket we have 2 batsmen, 1 baller and 10 feilders. My favourite teams in Cricket are CSK and Read More…