1. In minecraft you need to try to protect yourself in survival mode. 2.  There’s peaceful,easy,normal and hard. 3. In minecraft if there’s anybody you know you can play the game with them. 4. In minecraft there is a wood , stone, iron , gold and diamond axe,hoe,sword,pick axe,shovel and bows. 5. Did you know Read More…

Facts about pokemon

Pokemon is basicly an amazing game with a lot of cute creatures named pokemon. In pokemon there’s a lot inculding pikachu, raichu, pichu, mewtwo,mew,dialga,palkia,litten,poplio,rowlet,dragonite,metagross,beldum, metang,chimchar,monferno,infernape,turtwig,grotle,torterra,empoleon,piplup, prinplup,moltres,articuno,zapdos,tauros,charmander,charmelon,charizard,latias,latios and celebi.

Facts about dogs-puppys and pet’s

So as you alredy know dogs and puppys are cute and fluffy. If you don’t have a pet go get one if you are lonely. Pet’s make me happy so they should make you happy too.  I want a ferret when I’m older because they are cute. Pet’s are the cutest thing ever. 

Roblox ;)

Hi I’m Aleksander ,today I’m talking about Roblox. Roblox is a good game you know. You should play it.There’s a lot of games on Roblox. There’s Bee swarm Simulator, Pet simulator, Obby’s and simulators.  Yay Roblox!!!!!!!!!! Play Roblox it’s the second best game I believe😁.  

Facts about ninja’s

You don’t want to run into a ninja because ninja’s always have ninja stars or ninja weapons. Ninja’s are very fast and very talented. Ninja’s are very skilled. Ninja’s are great fighters and may be very mean.

School / Year 3

So far in school I like Maths, English and my teachers. Mostly I like Miss Reeve and Mrs Rigby. Maths is pretty easy for me because I’m pretty smart. I love maths and swimming as you can tell. I’m always ready for swimming. School is the best because there’s fun activities same as fun Assemblys.