I have got Pokemon cards. Pokemon are a type of creature. In the movie, they attack each other when their Pokemon trainer wants to fight. My favourite Pokemon is Pichacu beacuse he is the best Pokemon and they can make lightning bolts, which makes him win quickly.

Pokemon cards 💳

I like Pokemon cards because you can  trade. In our school we are not allowed to trade. I have  sylvon Lunala Primarina Solgaleo Lycanroc Gyarados Zoroark Noivern they are all my GX my friend Oscar has a ultra beast called Nihilego Oscar and me has more.  

Facts about pokemon

Pokemon is basicly an amazing game with a lot of cute creatures named pokemon. In pokemon there’s a lot inculding pikachu, raichu, pichu, mewtwo,mew,dialga,palkia,litten,poplio,rowlet,dragonite,metagross,beldum, metang,chimchar,monferno,infernape,turtwig,grotle,torterra,empoleon,piplup, prinplup,moltres,articuno,zapdos,tauros,charmander,charmelon,charizard,latias,latios and celebi.