Pokemon cards 💳

I like Pokemon cards because you can  trade. In our school we are not allowed to trade. I have  sylvon Lunala Primarina Solgaleo Lycanroc Gyarados Zoroark Noivern they are all my GX my friend Oscar has a ultra beast called Nihilego Oscar and me has more.  

Facts about pokemon

Pokemon is basicly an amazing game with a lot of cute creatures named pokemon. In pokemon there’s a lot inculding pikachu, raichu, pichu, mewtwo,mew,dialga,palkia,litten,poplio,rowlet,dragonite,metagross,beldum, metang,chimchar,monferno,infernape,turtwig,grotle,torterra,empoleon,piplup, prinplup,moltres,articuno,zapdos,tauros,charmander,charmelon,charizard,latias,latios and celebi.