my friends

My friends are the best things I could have, sometimes I call them my bro. I play roblox with my friends and they are the best. Also I play minecraft with Harley [only 1 time] but I mostly play by myself.


Art is fun and interesting because when you are bored your mind won’t get sharp and active. There are different types of artists. The different types are sketchers,actors,painters and dancers

Minecraft fun

 I love to build on Minecraft I have built a hotel, 4 houses, a bed, a spider, a bunny, a rainbow, a football pitch and a boxing ring on my Minecraft world🌈🦄😍🍭🏆 and I love to bike 🚴‍♀️


minecraft is a really cool game you can build attack enchanting and also crafting. The legendary item you can mine is a ♦.people in Minecraft can get Ö if they see a can make anything you wish mines there might be mobs so WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!    

What i got for christmas

I got Smart tv Lego Two dressing gowns Two Harry Potter books Lol book Disney book The Christmases the book Poolside slime surprise Bundle of books gymnastics mat and bars Wii fit Leopard coat and that Chocolate lolly maker how to make bath bombs how to make brackets Bag nail kit popcorn machine


My BFF are Emma, Elizabeth, Munazza, Alissia, and Jessica and they  are really fun to play with and funny and they are excited to play with me and really kind to me.