My new bike

I am getting a new bike to day 🚲 it has a basket and when I rid it I will get my friend to have a race and when I have something in my hand I can put it in the basket.


Today I did maths and it was easy so then I had to take a picture and post it on seesaw and I did receive my voice because I had to tell then how I did it so  then I had to go to the purple hall to make a beautiful building out of paper Read More…

My dog

H   This is my dog her name is mercerdes I Know its a car but I don’t care because my brother called it that. my dog follows me every were . To day  we got to go for a long walk to hinchingbrooke park it was very fun.

About teaching

teachers 👩‍🏫are nice and strit 🤫😤 sometimes smart 🧐🤓and pretty 💃 and always jollyfull🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗one more thing they are full of laughter 🤣🤣    

My story

Once there was a smart pretty girl she had black hair and her name was tincer.  and she was very nice and so clever at maths and Eglinsh. Hers friends are leny is a boys and the rest is girls issy and Mia and lizzy and they are  the same as  tincer and they always Read More…