My Story

  • Upon a time there lived in fairies I love chicken and on Sunday they met a new friend and one of them it was a princess and prince they love skipping on dancing together and seeing the prayer song called Why lovely dance and this is how it goes and once upon a time to step salah time I dance with you all that time time time time time come on dance with me come on and Ruby said why why why do I have to dance with you seriously that’s an awful song can you please delete it on your tablet and she’s a know this is nothing to do with you and she said yeah of course and I said you can you please come over to my house be delighted if you could I love you so much and one day she my friend and then she left the school for good she’s like why can you come back why do you not do you not like this cold or something can you please tell me and she said no it’s because of what is this I can’t explain it please please please please can you come over to my house and I’ll explain everything to you but not moving house I’m just moving school because and then that’s cool because of their schools and much other way are you have to use car with I said ok ok ok I get the reason why but can you please come over can you please please come over or explain everything to you I tried and we have a slumber party play together all and every time if you like and please read or more to find out more

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