My first ever fortnite skin was frostbite! I got it in season 6! I got to buy the season 7 battle pass because the frostbite pack had frostbite in and a pickaxe, a backbling, a glider and 1000 V-bucks.After I got the season 7 battle pass I had the 2 tier 1 skins which were called Zenith and Lynx. I really liked Lynx because she turned into a blue cat!!! Then there were challenges to get the season 8 battle pass they were called overtime! You had to complete 13 of the challenges to get it. The first skins for tier 1 were Hybrid and Blackheart!!! Hybrid turns into a blue dragon however Blackheart turns into a a red ghost piarate!!! I always play as Hybrid. 

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