Mathematics 14.3.19

Today we had to find a fraction of an amount it was very hard for me but Miss Rigbee helped me. Afterwards, I chose a one chilly 🌶 challenge because it’s the easiest. I had to fill in the missing fraction. I hope you like it.✌️😜

Pokemon cards 💳

I like Pokemon cards because you can  trade. In our school we are not allowed to trade. I have  sylvon Lunala Primarina Solgaleo Lycanroc Gyarados Zoroark Noivern they are all my GX my friend Oscar has a ultra beast called Nihilego Oscar and me has more.  

My life

I was born rare because my skin colour is light brown and when I was like 3 I had been growing curly hair. Then I was on holiday and I went to a place called tiny for land and I got stuff to draw. The next day I was playing with my sister I had Read More…